Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry Version 1.42.0

New Sub-Menu for Templates

This change splits out the Template List and Distribution UIs into two separate pages.

Ability to Search through Templates

You can now search through Templates by name.

Ability to start an Intel VM with a specific VNC Password

You can now set a VNC password for Intel VMs. This is similar to using ANKA_VNC_PASSWORD on the CLI.

Your POST request for the API must include a string key/value vnc_password in the POST data. The agent will then log something like this:

. . .instance "86ce07b9-c614-4484-78c7-4b738f5c4df2" setting vm VNC password, SHA256 sum for the password is ecd7187. . .

New dialogue showing table/list of templates being deleted

When deleting templates, a new dialogue will show a table/list of templates being deleted.