Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry Version 1.31.0

Ability to set custom scopes with ANKA_OIDC_SCOPES ENV

Requested scopes for OIDC are being sent by the Client (UI), and right now simply correlate to the claim name (“groups” and “name”). In most situations this is fine, however, some users need to specify different scopes. This can be done with the ANKA_OIDC_SCOPES ENV, specify a comma separated value for each desired scope.

Ability to call group claims from userinfo endpoint with ANKA_OIDC_USER_INFO ENV

Sometimes IDP tokens won’t return groups claims and will only be returned as part of userinfo endpoint. We now allow enabling ANKA_OIDC_USER_INFO which will get claims from userinfo instead of the token. We have also added ANKA_OIDC_CACHE_TTL which allows control over how long we cache the returned group list from the endpoint (and all other OIDC requests) as calls to this endpoint can have a performance impact.