Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry Version 1.30.1

Ability to set --local and --no-local

In this version, you can now set --local and --no-local when starting VMs. This will stop the VM before performing the modify command, if not already stopped. You can read more in the Working with the Controller and API guide

> anka modify 14.3.1-arm64 network --help
usage: network [options]

   Modify network card settings

  -t,--mode <val>          network mode: shared/host/bridge/disconnected
  -b,--bridge <val>        host interface name to bridge with in the bridge mode, or "auto"
  -m,--mac <val>           specify fixed MAC address, or "auto"
  -v,--vlan <val>          assign VLAN ID, 0 to deassign
  -c,--controller <val>    set controller: anet, virtio-net
  -f,--filter <val>        filtering rules file to inject on VM start, or embed in VM config (with '-f- < rules.txt'), or use 'off' to disable
 curl -X POST "http://anka.controller/api/v1/vm" -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"vmid": "6b135004-0c89-43bb-b892-74796b8d266c", "count": 2, "network_local": "forceOn" }'

  "status": "OK",
  "message": "",
  "body": [