Anka Virtualization 3.3.8

We are very excited to announce Anka Virtualization 3.3.8. In this version, you’re going to find:

  1. Import and Export for VMs

Import and Export for VMs

You can now export and import your VMs to an archive to assist with moving VMs between hosts.

  • Only available for Enterprise or Enterprise Plus licenses.
  • A VM Template tag will not be included in the export/import. However the active tag for a VM is the state we will export. Future versions will support this and allow registry users to utilize export/import to migrate VM templates without anka pull and anka push.
  • Underlying layer/data sharing between the VMs does not happen. Exporting a VM is performing a unique copy like anka clone -c would do.
> anka export --help
usage: export [options] vmid file

   Export a VM as an archive

  vmid                     VM to export
  file                     Path to archive file

  -t,--tag <val>           Export local VM tag
  -c,--copy                Include base tags into the archive
> anka import --help
usage: import [options] file

   Import VM from an archive

  file                     Archive with an exported VM

  --fetch-only             Import tag without checkout