Using GitHub Actions and Anka Build

Instructions on how to use GitHub Actions with Anka Build
The github runner does not have an ARM version available but you can run the x64 without issue through Apple’s rosetta.

The Anka VM GitHub Action provides a quick way to integrate Anka with GitHub Actions. The plugin helps your self-hosted GitHub runners prepare Anka VM instances for building, testing, and more. Keep in mind that it works differently than our other plugins or integrations for Anka Build Cloud. It will not start VM instances using your Anka Build Cloud Controller and instead connect directly to an unused Node to prepare the VM and execute commands.

VM Template & Tag Requirements

  1. There are no current requirements

Install and Configure GitHub Self-Hosted Runners

  1. You’ll need to add a self-hosted runner to your project repo or organization (shared).

Setup a runner per VM you wish to run. So, for example, if you’re planning on running a maximum of two VMs on your node, you’d need two self-hosted runners.

  1. Once you’ve confirmed that you can see the runner as Idle in GitHub, it’s ready to start processing jobs.

Pipeline Step Definition

An example workflow .yml can be found in the Anka VM GitHub Action README.

Release Notes

Release notes for the Anka Github Action can be found on Github.