Using Teamcity and the Anka Build Cloud

Instructions on how to use Teamcity with the Anka Build Cloud

VM Template & Tag Requirements

  1. In the VM, install the proper JRE/JAVA version. We recommend Zulu.
  2. Install the Build Agent into the VM Template/Tag under ~/. Example of how we install it.
  3. If using Shared Networking mode: In the VM Template, make sure remote login is enabled (System Preferences > Sharing). On the host, enable SSH port forwarding for your VM Template using the Anka CLI: sudo anka modify <VM Template name> add port --guest-port 22 ssh. We recommend not specifying –host-port.


  1. Download the latest plugin zip..
  2. Upload it to your Teamcity.
  3. Edit your project and under Cloud Profiles add a new Profile. For Cloud type, choose Anka Build Cloud and specify the URL for your Controller and the Server URL. The Server URL may look populated, but it will not work unless you manually type it.
  4. Choose the template you created for Teamcity and specify any other required fields.
    Be sure to set Agent Path to the agent root directory, not a folder inside of it like bin, etc.
  5. Run your job and then watch the Controller’s Instances page to ensure an instance is starting.
Be sure to review our troubleshooting guides for Teamcity should you have any problems.

Release Notes