Detailed information on Anka Licensing
Anka Licensing for Apple Silicon machines is determined based on host count and host model and not on CPU core count. We have a special migration path for licensing for our existing Intel users. Contact us for more details.

Anka licenses are available for the following products:

  • Anka Develop - Allows a developer to run a single VM at a time. Supported only on laptops (Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air).
  • Anka Build Basic - All Basic features to configure and run macOS CI Cloud infrastructure.
  • Anka Build Enterprise - Basic + additional features for grouping, priority provisioning, etc.
  • Anka Build Enterprise Plus - Enterprise + additional features to support SSO and event logging.
  • Anka Flow - Install and configure Anka on developer mac workstations. Supported only on Macbook and iMac models.

Trial License

Trial licenses for Anka products is valid for 30 days from the date of trial registration. They enable unlimited access to product features. You can use the same activation key on multiple machines depending upon the quantity specified at the time of trial registration. They can be obtained at

How to Activate your License

Licensing is not necessary if you’re using Anka Develop.
You can see how many hosts or cores a license has available by running: anka license show -k {LICENSE}
Corporate networks can sometimes block access to our licensing server. The machine you’re activing the license on will need to reach the internet, or, support can provide the licensing server URL upon request.
If you’re using a proxy, Anka recognizes the standard http_proxy and https_proxy env variables. However, sudo will not pass the environment by default, so activation should be called with sudo -E anka license activate {LICENSE} to pass the current user’s *_proxy envs into sudo.
❯ anka license     
Usage: anka license [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Control Licensing

  --help  Display usage information

  accept-eula  Accept EULA (requires root privileges)
  activate     Activate license key (requires root...
  remove       Remove the current license (requires root...
  show         Show license information
  validate     Validate the current license
❯ sudo anka license activate {LICENSE}
License activated

❯ anka license show
| license_type | com.veertu.anka.entplus |
| status       | valid                   |
| expires      | 30-mar-2021             |

Anka Virtualization (CLI)

FeatureDevelop LicenseFlow LicenseBuild License
Run Multiple VMsNoYesYes
State Snapshot / Suspend VM (Intel only)NoYesYes
USB Device Support (Intel only)NoYesYes
Ability to join your machine as a Node to the Anka Build Cloud ControllerNoNoYes
Ability to push/pull templates to the Anka Cloud RegistryNoYesYes
Runs on all macOS hardware modelsNo (Macbook models only)No (Macbook and iMac only)Yes
FeatureBasicEnterpriseEnterprise Plus
Central RegistryYesYesYes
USB Device control through the CLIYesYes
TLS/SSL SupportYesYesYes
Advanced Security FeaturesYesYes
Export and Import VMsYesYes

Anka Build Cloud

Anka Build License Tier Datasheet

FeatureBasicEnterpriseEnterprise Plus
Cloud Controller with REST APIsYes(Single instance of Anka controller included)Yes(Single instance of Anka controller included)Yes
GitHub ActionYesYesYes
Jenkins PluginYesYesYes
TeamCity PluginYesYesYes
GitLab Runner with custom executorYesYesYes
BuildKite PluginYesYesYes
HA for Controller configuration setupYes (Additional controller/registry instances needed)YesYes
USB Device control through Controller APIYesYes
Priority scheduling of VMs through controllerYesYes
Clustering (Grouping) of NodesYesYes
Basic controller authentication (Certificate & Root Superuser Token)YesYes
Multi-user & group authorization with admin panel + OpenID/SSO supportYes
Controller API event loggingYes

Commercial Licenses

Commercial Anka licenses are issued for yearly license subscription which includes updates, upgrades, and standard support. They can be purchased for a single year or multiple years.
Commercial licenses are automatically extended in activated Anka software if days to expiration is < 30 days. The machine where you’ve installed Anka must have a connection to the licensing server.


  • Anka Build (Apple Silicon) - Pricing model is host-based and not CPU core based. With the introduction of performance and efficiency cores in Apple Silicon, CPU core based licensing model adds complexity and is not accurate representation of value alignment.
  • Anka Build (Intel) - Cost is core based. For example, if you are setting up a cloud consisting of 2, 8-core Intel processor mac minis, then total core count will be 8 cores. For very large core count, there are other licensing models.
  • Anka Flow - Cost is per machine. For example, if you are installing Anka Flow on 10 developer machines, then quantity will be 10.

Contact [email protected] to get a pricing estimate.

Upgrading your Trial license to a Commercial license

  1. Stop all the running or suspended VMs.

  2. Remove the old license and activate with the commercial activation key.

    sudo anka license remove
    sudo anka license activate {LICENSE}

Moving your Commercial license from one machine to another

  1. Remove the license from the machine using the below described command.

    sudo anka license remove
    Are you sure you want to remove current license? [y/N]: y
    License is removed. To activate with the same activation key on another machine,
    contact [email protected] with your activation key and fulfillment ID 2727000039
  2. Contact [email protected] with the fulfillment ID provided in the output of the anka license remove command and your license key.