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Anka Virtualization

All about the Anka Virtualization package
> anka  --help
usage: anka [options] <command>

   Anka command line tool

                     Output a machine readable format (JSON)
  --version          Output the Anka version

  list               List local VM library
  config             Manage the CLI configuration
  show               Show a VM's properties
  modify             Modify a VM parameters
  view               Open VM display
  run                Run a command inside of a VM (will start VM if suspended or stopped
  create             Creates a VM
  start              Start or resume a VM
  stop               Shut down a VM(s)
  clone              Clone a VM
  push               Push a VM template the Registry
  pull               Pull a VM template from the registry
  suspend            Suspend a running VM(s)
  mount              Mount or check the mounted directories the VM
  unmount            Unmount the mounted directory
  reboot             Reboot a running VM(s)
  delete             Delete a VM(s) and tags
  registry           Configure and control the Registry
  cp                 Copy files in/out of the Anka VM and host
  license            Control Licensing

Modifying the Global Configuration

How to modify the Global Anka Virtualization configuration

Command Reference

Anka CLI Command Reference