VM creation is stuck or failing


  • The anka create runs for a while but gets stuck. Typically stuck at prebooting or waiting for postinstall complete.
  • The Anka app creation process runs for hours and never completes.

Common Causes and solutions

  1. Anti-virus and firewalls (even the apple firewall) are blocking networking initialization. They need to be disabled, or anka processes whitelisted.
  2. The macOS installation has failed for some reason. You can open the anka view {name} to ensure that it is actually stuck or failed.
    • If so, try running anka --debug create... from your terminal to see if it works a second time. If it keeps failing, report the issue to Veertu support with the output from the anka --debug create command.
    • It’s also possible that you haven’t given enough resources to the VM being created. We recommend a minimum of 2 vcpus and 4GBs of memory for stability.

Still experiencing problems?

Talk to us! we are available via slack or email