Activating your License

Activating your Anka Build or Flow license

More detailed license information can be found on our Licensing documentation page

Licensing is not necessary if you’re using Anka Develop.
You can see how many hosts or cores a license has available by running: anka license show -k {LICENSE}
Corporate networks can sometimes block access to our licensing server. The machine you’re activing the license on will need to reach the internet, or, support can provide the licensing server URL upon request.
If you’re using a proxy, Anka recognizes the standard http_proxy and https_proxy env variables. However, sudo will not pass the environment by default, so activation should be called with sudo -E anka license activate {LICENSE} to pass the current user’s *_proxy envs into sudo.
❯ anka license     
Usage: anka license [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Control Licensing

  --help  Display usage information

  accept-eula  Accept EULA (requires root privileges)
  activate     Activate license key (requires root...
  remove       Remove the current license (requires root...
  show         Show license information
  validate     Validate the current license
❯ sudo anka license activate {LICENSE}
License activated

❯ anka license show
| license_type | com.veertu.anka.entplus |
| status       | valid                   |
| expires      | 30-mar-2021             |

Ensure you’ve accepted the EULA

sudo anka license accept-eula

What’s next?