Anka Build components support heterogeneous build nodes; You can connect both Anka 2 (intel processors) and Anka 3 (apple processors) nodes to your Build Cloud Controller/Registry.

What is the Anka Build Cloud?

Docker and DockerHub revolutionized the way developers could build and test their software. However, Docker does not at the time of writing this support macOS. This is why we’ve created the Anka Build Cloud. The Anka Build Cloud is a suite of software which allows you to manage and store Anka VM Templates and Tags in a central repository, orchestrate on-demand (or persistent) macOS VMs for your CI/CD (or developers), and visualize usage or logs.

Anka Controller

This is a web UI and REST API which helps manage VM Instances and VM Templates and Tags.

Anka Registry

This is a repository for your Anka VM Templates and Tags.

Anka Virtualization Nodes

These Nodes have our Virtualization software installed to run the VMs that you launch from the Controller (or through your CI/CD software). Once joined to the Controller, it will start an agent on the node to communicate and pull tasks from the controller queue.

High level architecture

Several of our CI/CD Plugins and Integrations require the Controller REST API.

Getting Started (Cloud)

Getting started using the Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry

Upgrading to 1.40.0 on macOS

Working with the Controller and API

How to work with the Anka Controller and API

Working with the Registry and API

How to work with the Anka Registry and API

Configuration Reference

Anka Build Cloud Configuration Reference

High Availability

General information about setting up High Availability for the Anka Build Cloud

Advanced Security Features (CLOUD)

Methods to protect your Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry.


Recommended approaches to monitoring your Anka Build Cloud.

Upgrading (CLOUD)

How to upgrade the Anka Build Cloud

Uninstalling (CLOUD)

Steps for uninstalling the Anka Build Cloud package

Build License Tiers

All about the Anka Build Cloud license tiers

Troubleshooting (Cloud)

Release Notes (Cloud)

Registry Azure Blog Storage

Configuring your Registry to use Azure Blog Storage